BLOODRAYNE 2 [NEW SEALED] (#096427013341)

BLOODRAYNE 2 [NEW SEALED] (#096427013341)

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Game Title
BloodRayne 2

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

In the FMV Rayne is first seen staring at a place on fire The next scene happens before the fire Rayne is seen entering a library called Blood library with a few Nazis inside Knowing Kagan is here who is an influential Nazi collaborator she declares she is here to kill him Kagan notices she is here but is not moved by her presence He knows it is his offspring but does not know her name but says she smells tainted asking who was her mother He does not know her mothers name saying he is terrible with names but does not care knowing she died with her family He appears pre occupied looking for something He finds what he was looking for called the Vesper Shard Knowing Rayne still wants to kill him he then brings Professor Trumain up from the floor severely beaten showing his own small intestine around his neck Kagan knows that they know each other and that Trumain stole yet another offspring from him During his talk he speculates that the Brimstone Society knew the Vesper Shard s powers and was eventually going to kill their Vampire allies such as Rayne Trumain then pulls out a detonator first giving time for Rayne to run then detonates the grenade

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