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Expected release date is 12th Feb 2021

Galgun is the entertaining story of a young man who becomes "Super popular" With the opposite sex and is now living the "unfortunate" Life of having every lady that looks his way confessing their undying love for him. But he must steel himself and fend these would-be lovers off with his 'special weapon' (Known as the Pheromone Shot), as he tries to win the affection of one of the main protagonists. Galgun is the crazy combination of arcade-style shooting action and dating sim that truly has no equal.

  • Huge cast with over 70 girls! - add the main heroines, Angels, and all the students/faculty at the academy together, and you get a huge cast of over 70 characters!
  • Aim for the ecstasy Shot! - Every girl has a weak Spot where pheromone shots are extra effective! Steady your aim and land a Shot there, and that'll trigger an ecstacy Shot, which gives a girl euphoria in JUST One Shot!
  • Enjoy the Satisfaction of Doki Doki mode! - once you meet certain conditions, you can really concentrate and Marvel at (shoot) a girl from a bunch of different angles in Doki Doki mode!