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Sidereal adj: Of or with respect to the distant stars.
Confluence noun: An act or process of merging.

Nine species come together during the great Confluence. Their goal: to peacefully build a joint society where every species is equal and share every new innovation. Each wants their own ideals at the core of the growing society. What follows is the most aggressive cooperation the galaxy has ever seen.

Sidereal Confluence is a trading game. You are an alien civilization trading resources and inventing shared technology. New inventions earn you many points, but the advantages are available to all players.

• Gameplay is simultaneous. Players act at the same time.

• Information is open. All resources are public.

• Almost everything is tradeable. That includes your resources, planets, technology, and your economy.

• Deals are binding, even across turn boundaries: if you promise to do something, you must do it.

380+ Cards
230+ Tokens & Tiles
200+ Resource Cubes
21 Boards
1 Rulebook
1 Teaching Guide
9 Player Screens

Ages: 14+
Players: 4-9
Game Length: 120-180 minutes