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It’s the game of unspeakable fun! In the Taboo game, get your team to say the Guess word without saying any of the forbidden words! Who can get teammates to say "Fame" without being able to say "Celebrity," "Superstar," "Musical," "Known," or "Fortune"? This Taboo party board game features 212 cards with 848 relatable Guess words from pop culture, trends, and more. Players try to give creative and carefully worded clues to help team members guess words fast as they race against the timer. Just don't mention unmentionables, or it's time for the squeaker and you lose that point. This funny party game for adults and teens ages 13+ is an exciting pick for Family Game Night. It also makes one of the best game night games for groups. With this travel game you can take the card box and use the online tools to play the Taboo game almost anywhere! Teen and adult board games make great gifts for families.