*USED* ADRENALINE MISFITS (K) (#083717300984)

*USED* ADRENALINE MISFITS (K) (#083717300984)

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Game Title
Adrenalin Misfits

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ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

This game requires a Kinect Sensor A pick up and play simple and easy Kinect only title Using the latest technology of Kinect experience total game immersion so you feel like you re actually riding on a real board You play as a cool monster in Adrenalin Misfits Race against 7 enemy monsters throughout 7 worlds Beating enemy monsters allows you to play as them as you progress in the game Of course you can use your favorite avatar to ride a board Winning in a tournament and clearing under various conditions will get you original boards These new boards will enhance your speed jumping and techniques There is a total of over 50 kinds of boards

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