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Game Title
Agile Warrior F-111X

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Agile Warrior F 111X is a flight combat game that puts you in the heat of battle against terrorists It seems some sort of agency is threatening the general welfare of the country and it is up to you to thwart its diabolical plans In order to stop the enemy you ll take to the skies in your trusty aircraft a combination of the YF 23 X 31 and the F 111 Like Air Combat there are various missions to conquer over six in all There are stealth missions requiring you to avoid radar bombing and missile raids and straight up dogfights Resistance comes in the form of other aircraft sea cruisers ground turrets and missiles Your plane has the ability to detect enemies on radar fire various missile weapons and cloak itself from radar very handy for those stealth missions In order to survive each feature must be utilized and learned by the player Certain objectives require the use of heat seeking missiles and strategy If you go in with guns and missiles blazing in all likelihood you ll get shot out of the sky

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