*USED* APOCALYPSE (#047875559608)

*USED* APOCALYPSE (#047875559608)

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T - Teen

APOCALYPSE starring BRUCE WILLIS The end of the world is near You re Bruce starring as Trey Kincaid nano physicist and sole defender of the world It s up to you to defeat the Four Horsemen before it s happy trails to us all IT S RAW ACTION Take control of Bruce Willis one of the greatest action stars of all time motion captured and cyberscanned for the most intense hard core action ever Killer cinematics unveil a doomsday plot DESTROY IT ALL Explore multi level war factories prisons sewers and more Level everything to the ground in 360 degree battle anywhere environments that echo with explosive sound effects LOCK AND LOAD Brave the dismal future against up to 20 on screen enemies Good thing you can don multiple weapons at once like rip lasers flame throwers semi automatics and homing missiles

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