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*USED* BLAZING DRAGONS (#024294125782)

*USED* BLAZING DRAGONS (#024294125782)

Game Title
Blazing Dragons

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

You play the role of Flicker a young dragon who is always inventing new stuff to make his life easier As one of the smartest dragons in a land called Camelhot Flicker s fallen deeply in love with King All Fire s daughter the beautiful Princess Flame As King All Fire is retiring soon Flicker s chance to court Princess Flame is now The King is holding a tournament of grand magnitude and the winner will become King of Camelhot and take Princess Flame s hand in marriage In this point and click adventure you ll lead Flicker through the tournament battling rival dragons and completing various mini games Ultimately it ll be up to you to stop Sir George the Human and his evil Black Dragon This journey will give you the chance to interact with over 40 characters each with their own personality You ll also come across various items in the kingdom of Camelhot from bones to popcorn each one will serve a special purpose With loads of mini games to keep you busy BLAZING DRAGONS offers hours of fun

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