*USED* BLITZ THE LEAGUE 2 [M] (#031719269877)

*USED* BLITZ THE LEAGUE 2 [M] (#031719269877)

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Game Title
Blitz: The League II

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

Blitz The League II continues the franchise legacy as the ultimate alternative to the watered down licensed competition In addition to an all new story mode penned by Peter Egan ESPN s Playmakers Blitz The League II features include Precision Aim Tackles player controlled touchdown celebrations an enhanced on the field Clash Mode online multiplayer capabilities expanded rosters with all new personalities and the return of a cornerstone of the Blitz franchise Late Hits Football legend Lawrence Taylor returns as the game s cover athlete and star linebacker for the New York Nightmare Quentin Sands along with a star studded supporting cast

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