*USED* BURNOUT DOMINATOR [E10] (#014633156362)

*USED* BURNOUT DOMINATOR [E10] (#014633156362)

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Game Title
Burnout Dominator

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E10+ - Everyone 10+

Burnout Dominator is an installment of the Burnout series for the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable systems The game is mainly focused on returned Burnouts feature draining a complete boost meter without stopping wich was last seen in Burnout 2 Point of Impact With return of Burnouts feature there were four new game modes added including Maniac Mode players need to drive dangerously to get highest scores by earning drifts air oncoming and near misses Chaining Burnouts in this mode increases the score multiplier Drift Challenge in this mode player need to obtain as many feet of drifting as possible Chaining Burnouts also increases the score multiplier here Near Miss Challenge same as Drift Challenge but player needs to score near miss bonuses Burnout Challenge also same as Drift Challenge but focusing on obtaining Burnouts score However some options have been removed from the game for instance Burnout Dominator doesn t feature Crash Mode there is also no Traffic Checking Mode and Online Multiplayer But PSP version features Burnout HQ where you can upload you score and download new track The game consists of 12 different tracks in 8 different real world locations Each track has a forward and a reverse configuration

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