*USED* CHESSMASTER [E] (#016685034643)

*USED* CHESSMASTER [E] (#016685034643)

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E - Everyone

Prepare to challenge the longest running console chess series THE CHESSMASTER In this Game Boy version of the game you can choose to play at any one of 16 different skill levels ranging from beginner to expert For those just learning to play chess take advantage of the Teaching mode that will show you all of the best moves to make This game has a variety of options for chess fans as you can set up the board however you like to simulate classic chess situations and challenges You can even make your opponent s pieces invisible for an added challenge If you make a wrong move the game will allow you to take back moves and try again If you d rather just see the outcome merely ask THE CHESSMASTER and he ll finish the game to checkmate Play alone or against a friend through the use of the Game Boy Link Cable You can also use the password function to resume a game already in progress

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