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*USED* CUBIC NINJA (#008888166863)

*USED* CUBIC NINJA (#008888166863)

Game Title
Cubic Ninja

Release Date

Introducing Cubic Ninja the Nintendo 3DS title that lets you play without ever touching a button Simply tilt and turn your Nintendo 3DS to solve challenging puzzles outwit devious enemies and escape intricate traps Cubic Ninja places you in the role of CC a brave little ninja with a distinctly cubic shape The princess of your beloved kingdom plus a few of your ninja friends has been abducted And its up to you to save them To do so you must tilt and turn your way through over 100 eye opening levels defeating adversaries such as Woofbot Scorchbot and more From gravity distortions to raging infernos to elemental forces of wind and water your enemies will do whatever it takes to stop you But you wont be stopped If you have to tumble till youre dizzy or survive raging waters just to rescue the princess then you will Because youre Cubic Ninja And thats how you roll

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