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Game Title
Cars 2: The Video Game

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E10+ - Everyone 10+

Cars 2 is a third person racing game where players have a choice of 25 different characters and will train to become a world class spy As part of training players participate in missions using high tech gadgets for example to avoid enemies or slow them down The game has three types of trophies bronze silver and gold Points are awarded at different values depending on what type of vehicle class players are using The game characters are divided into three weight classes heavy medium and light Players can unlock new cars tracks and missions be collecting emblems And drop in drop out multiplayer modes support up to four players simultaneously The game has a connection with The World of Cars Online It is a browser game based on the cartoon universe Players will be able to discover a new world outside of Radiator Springs along with the master Fillmore Sergeant and other characters For compensation received during the game opening up new facilities in World of Online wheelbarrows

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