*USED* DRAKE [T] (#096427013235)

*USED* DRAKE [T] (#096427013235)

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Game Title
Drake of the 99 Dragons

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Drake of the 99 Dragons also titled Drake is a cel shaded third person shooter video game developed by Idol FX and published by Majesco Entertainment It was released for the Xbox on November 3 2003 and for Microsoft Windows PC systems on June 14 2004 The game stars Drake an undead assassin who is on a quest to avenge his murdered clan the 99 Dragons by recovering their ancient Soul Portal Artifact from antagonist Tang Tang intends on using the artifact to harvest the souls of dead beings and power his undead cyborg army Idol FX intended for Drake of the 99 Dragons to be the launchpad for a multimedia franchise which would include comics and a potential animated television series However the contract they signed with Majesco gave them a mere six months for development leaving little room for play testing and resulting in the game being unfinished As a result it is often considered to be one of the worst games of all time

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