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*USED* Dynasty Warriors * (#040198001397)

*USED* Dynasty Warriors * (#040198001397)

Game Title
Dynasty Warriors

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Dynasty Warriors is a series of tactical action games created by Omega Force and Koei The award winning series is a spin off of Koei s turn based strategy Romance of the Three Kingdoms series based loosely around the Chinese historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms from which it derives its name in Japanese The first game titled Dynasty Warriors Sangokumus in Japan is a fighting game and different from the rest of the series All English titles are a number ahead of their Japanese counterparts due to the English localization of naming Shin Sangokumus a spin off of the previously mentioned Sangokumus game as Dynasty Warriors 2 It is Koei s most successful franchise Including its many spin offs 18 million copies of the Dynasty Warriors series have sold worldwide by 2011

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