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*USED* FAIRYTALE FIGHTS [M] (#813582010257)

*USED* FAIRYTALE FIGHTS [M] (#813582010257)

Game Title
Fairytale Fights

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

Once upon a time you were a famous fairytale character but you lost your fame Play one out of 4 different characters in your quest to become famous again Try to become famous again by rescuing princes or princesses defeating giants retrieving magical items and rescue the fairytale world from evil forces Luckily many different weapons lay around in this fairytale world which players can use to shoot and carve up enemies and this is where the fun begins Foes are sliced and diced in real time thanks to Playlogic s inhouse Dynamic Slicing technology Instead of using preset animations players have the ability to slice up an enemy in any way they like by using the analog stick Apart from this cutting edge technology the game will also use the tested powers of the Unreal 3 engine

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