*USED* Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing 2002 CLEARANCE (#083717500087)

*USED* Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing 2002 CLEARANCE (#083717500087)

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ESPN Great Outdoor Games: Bass 2002

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With crystal clear graphics sound effects as clear as an Alpine stream and excellent play control ESPN Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing is sure to knock your warders off In Free Fishing Mode drop a line into any of the 30 ponds and lakes that dot the tranquil landscape Cast your skills against the world s top anglers in Tournament mode In this mode you ll race to see who can land the five biggest fish of a given variety including bluegills and many types of bass After picking from 15 unique lures a power meter indicates the strength of your cast You can reel in or play out line Successful anglers will continually monitor the water depth and temperature and the time of day The atmospheric soundtrack includes chirping birds softly lapping water and cheery banjo plucking

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