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Headhunter: Redemption

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

In the 21st century a dreadful virus wiped out millions The vaccine was found but at the time the world was engulfed into chaos A new world order emerged splitting the world into two distinct yet dependent worlds Above and Below The world Above reflects a chrome city a high rise high tech metropolis served by elevators and elevated freeways A place for hardworkers and law abiding people On the contrary to Above the world Below which is the product of earthquake damages is a subterranean network of labour colonies Those who are not wanted Above for one reason or another are sent Below One day now veteran Headhunter Jack Wade took a call to investigate an intrusion to the upper levels Facing the trespasser Jack saw a potential in the girl and instead of turning her in he gave her a second chance to become his apprentice Jack is back but this time he s not alone but accompanied by his sidekick Leeza X Together they will face whatever threat lurks from the world Below The gameplay is set in 3rd person view with ability to rotate camera or set it behind your back at the single click Headhunter s main accessory is IRIS Intelligent Realtime Information Scanner Once you get the IRIS you ll be able to scan every item just by pointing the gun at it or use the scanner in 1st person view which will let you examine the surroundings in more detail Also IRIS will provide you with a full 3D map info even displaying the enemies so you can avoid them or use stealth if necessary Enemies will hear you running and shooting so if you decide to take an action be aware that they will surround you and launch a team strike at you from all the sides You only effective aid against them beside your weapon of course is the ability to perform a roll or lean against the walls and fire from the corners although aiming itself may not be easy as your hand will not be steady while on the move or panicking

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