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T - Teen

Kessen is a strategy game that tells the story of the events that brought feudal Japan out of a century of civil war and installed the Tokugawa Shogunate as the dominant political entity for the next two hundred years As either Tokugawa Ieyasu or his opponents you ll engage in real time battles including Sekigahara one of the largest and most famous battles in Japanese history Victory or defeat will steer you down a campaign trail taking you either through the historical events of the time or down fictional what if scenarios Battles take place in real time with you instructing your various generals on where to lead their troops who to engage and what special actions to perform These special actions such as firing your cannons charging your opponent or unleashing a flight of arrows are depicted in close up cinema like cut scenes Before after and sometimes even during battles you ll be shown cut scenes that depict the personal struggles of your various subordinates

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