*USED* KILLER INSTINCT [T] (#000000868580)

*USED* KILLER INSTINCT [T] (#000000868580)

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Game Title
Killer Instinct

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Killer Instinct First it tore into the arcades Then it burst into your house only on the Super NES Now it comes home again this time on Game Boy Choose from eight characters including T J Combo Fulgore Jago B Orchid Chief Thunder Spinal Sabrewulf and Glacius and battle your way to victory in Killer Instinct The same great combo strategies are there along with power packed special moves and gruesome danger moves Learn each character s special attacks and combinations in the Practice mode and when you are ready for competition challenge a friend or take on the Arcade mode Killer Instinct is also powered up on Super GameBoy Brawl it out in high tension arcade action

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