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*USED* LOONEY TUNES [E] (#020763110273)

*USED* LOONEY TUNES [E] (#020763110273)

Game Title
Looney Tunes

Release Date

This side scrolling game allows the player to control different Looney Tunes characters and their different abilities to advance through the levels seven in all The player can use Daffy Duck throwing a frisbee to defeat enemies with Mario style gameplay Tweety Bird elude Sylvester throughout the level Porky Pig control a bi plane to shoot down enemies Taz really only a bonus game in which he has to collect as many steaks as possible in 60 seconds Speedy Gonzalez elude ghosts and ghouls in a haunted mansion Roadrunner of course running from his arch enemy Wile E Coyote and finally Bugs Bunny gameplay similar to Daffy

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