*USED* MARY KATE & ASHLEY SWEET 16 [E] (#021481233138)

*USED* MARY KATE & ASHLEY SWEET 16 [E] (#021481233138)

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Game Title
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive

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ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive is a party game four up to four players You play as Mary Kate Ashley or one of their friends As they just turned sixteen they drive around the game boards which look like cities in their own cars In each turn of the main adventure mode a spinner determines how far each player goes Some spaces have special actions that move the player assess fines or grant bonus or allow the player to purchase items to help them in the game If two players land on the same space there is a head to head competition to determine who can stay At the end of each round there is a four player minigame These minigames can involve racing racing windsurfing kayaking assembling a car from pieces to match a picture tag reflexes or any number of other things Coins to purchase helpful items are awarded based on performance in these games There is also a Bring It On mode where victory is determined by winning a set number of minigames This can be played with or without the game board and an Arcade mode which allows you to just play the minigames

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