*USED* NBA STREET HOMECOURT [E] (#014633153088)

*USED* NBA STREET HOMECOURT [E] (#014633153088)

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Game Title
NBA Street Homecourt

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ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

NBA Street Homecourt is the fourth game in the NBA Street series It was released for the Xbox 360 on February 19 2007 and for the PlayStation 3 on March 6 2007 Carmelo Anthony pictured during his tenure with the Denver Nuggets is featured on the cover A demo of the game was released on February 2 2007 on the Xbox Live Marketplace NBA Street Homecourt was the first Xbox 360 game to be natively rendered in the 1080p resolution 2 The game features basketball courts that are based on real ones that NBA superstars grew up on and honed their talents

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