*USED* NFL BLITZ 2001 [E] (#031719268252)

*USED* NFL BLITZ 2001 [E] (#031719268252)

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Game Title
NFL Blitz 2001

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Who needs rules This version of the offensively minded NFL BLITZ is even more fast paced action driven and penalty free than its ancestors Using an amazingly intuitive controller configuration BLITZ keeps it as simple as possible It s all about excitement as you choose between 27 effective offensive plays and nine defensive sets for your NFL franchise The teams are all here but reality has flown out the window as you rip off helmets throw punches and dive at kickers New features include individual stats based on NFL performance new player animations updated stadiums multiplayer options in Season mode better AI new rants from the BLITZ announcer and a cool new soundtrack The highlight of the additions however has to be the Party Games mode which allows up to four players to compete in crazy football challenges In 1st and Goal Frenzy you have four downs to score on your opponent Goal Line Stand reverses the scenario and has you defending for four downs and Quarterback Challenge has you passing at specific targets Oh and there s one more thing new cheerleaders

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