*USED* RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR [T] (#031719198115)

*USED* RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR [T] (#031719198115)

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Game Title
Rampage: World Tour

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Purebred destruction is the name of the game in RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR Choose one of three different monsters each a gargantuan tower of rage and then join your counterparts as you wreak holy terror on city after city You ll stomp buildings crush cars and even take down innocent pedestrians in your strides to do as much damage as possible Parents can rest assured although the game s focus is on tearing apart the scenery there s little of the blood and gore that pervades many video games these days There are more than 130 stages to romp through in this tribute to silver screen terrors and each level presents all new challenges and more difficult gameplay If you re familiar with the RAMPAGE series you ll love the inclusion of three new monsters to take the place of the familiar faces from the original game The play is faithful to previous titles in the RAMPAGE series but improved graphics and controls make for the most exhilarating entry to date Devastation has never been so fun

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