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*USED* Rescue Copter (#815315000368)

*USED* Rescue Copter (#815315000368)

Game Title
Rescue Copter

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

The company behind the Jet Copter and Jet Stream series in Japan AquaSystem flies its Rescue Copter across the Pacific for this stateside PlayStation release Players engage in fifteen missions consisting of border patrols daring rescues transport runs crop dusting treasure hunts and fire fighting Four types of helicopters each geared for specific tasks include the R 22 training crop dusting AS350B3 equipped with cables for external transporting BK117 rescue and transport and the 47G4A Soloy low flying crop duster Five practice modes allow players to ease into the controls by offering take off and landing hovering flight cargo and fire fighting drills Scores and medals gold silver or bronze are based on the amount of time it takes to complete a mission and mission replay videos are available at the touch of a button Other features include two difficulty settings easy and expert which factors damage and wind into the challenge three camera angles and a free flight mode using maps unlocked in successful missions

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