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Is nothing sacred RollerGames the 21st Century s most popular thrill sport is the latest victim of V I P E R Vicious International Punks and Eternal Renegades With their greedy eyes on RollerGames mega prize money they ve corrupted three teams and kidnapped Emerson Skeeter Bankhead the games beloved commissioner You and your own three teams of righteous skate kings must stop V I P E R s criminal venom from infecting the entire city So you ve got to take the fight to the streets And the sewers and the junkyards and the highways and the jungles through 6 stages of dastardly traps of doom as you leap over open manholes careening oil drums and treacherous landslides Race around oil slicks and man eating canines And avoid ambush by combat copters bomb wielding goons and creeps like Captain Meat Hook and the Fish Face But time is against you And so are V I P E R s judo masters skateboard thugs motorcycle madmen and other assorted sinister scum If your multi faceted fists can t punch you through you ll need your special assault body blocks jump kicks and double whammy slams It s a bone crunching skate athon for your life Skeeter s life and for the good of RollerGames So vanquish V I P E R before they melt your ball bearings into bullets

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