*USED* SHADOW MAN 2 SECOND COMING [M] (#021481232230)

*USED* SHADOW MAN 2 SECOND COMING [M] (#021481232230)

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Game Title
Shadow Man: 2econd Coming

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ESRB Rating
M - Mature

Mike LeRoi the embittered protagonist of the original Shadow Man title is tasked yet again with saving Liveside and the parallel world of Deadside In this third person action adventure a cult of demons known only as the Grigori and who incidentally have been masquerading as humans for the past 2000 years are intent on resurrecting their master Asmodeus Doing so will bring about a cataclysmic end to all of humanity As both Mike Leroi and his alter ego Shadow Man players must explore six worlds each with numerous sub locations in their quest to prevent these vile creatures from bringing their diabolical scheme to fruition When engaged in combat Mike LeRoi can attack with a bevy of armaments running the gamut from powerful projectile based weapons to short range melee ones with which to bludgeon an opponent to death with Additionally it s possible for players to equip a different weapon in each hand or alternatively to equip a single heavier two handed weapon When wielded by Shadow Man himself weapons take on additional properties A lock on cursor can be used to target specific enemies allowing the player to dodge and attack with consummate ease Interspersed throughout the title are puzzles that must be solved in order for Shadow Man to advance through the worlds Throughout the quest Mike will experience constantly changing weather and time day changes to night and back again in real time with inclement weather prevailing in many parts of the game world Returning to the fold are Mama Nettie and Jaunty two of Shadow Man s cohorts from the original title while Thomas Deacon the wheelchair bound guardian of an ancient book the Grigori are after makes his debut appearance Shadow Man 2econd Coming features mature violent themes that touch upon subjects such as religion and voodoo The cut scenes feature character dialogue that is equally adult oriented

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