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*USED* SKINS GAME (#715664391028)

Game Title
The Irem Skins Game

Release Date

A golf game featuring four different game modes The four game modes are Skins game Match play Stroke play and Tournament The Skins game has players compete for prize money on each individual hole Match play involves 2 golfers competing to see who can win the most holes out of 9 or 18 holes Stroke play counts the total number of strokes over a course of a golf game The golfer with the least amount of strokes wins Tournament mode has golfers competing in either one day 18 holes or two days 36 holes of golf Scoring is figured out by how many strokes over or under par a golfer made to finish a hole Gameplay consists of first choosing a golfer type of either a power hitter all around technician or magician Each type has its own proficiencies in the drive power accuracy hook slice and back spin categories When on the golf course the player can choose a club their stance direction of where to hit the ball and the power of the swing Once that is decided the swing is determined by a meter which measures the accuracy of the shot and determines whether the ball gets hit straight hooks or slices

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