*USED* SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR [M] (#010086630855)

*USED* SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR [M] (#010086630855)

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Game Title
Spartan: Total Warrior

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

An action game spin off in the Total Warrior series Play as a mighty Spartan trooper and battle through hordes of enemies in large environments while working with allies Use ultra violent special attacks to mow down entire groups of foes at once with ridiculously bloody effect The game has a fast paced arcade like mission based gameplay In each mission you must succeed in minor goals like killing the generals of the opposition escorting sappers to blow up enemy siege weaponry and preventing the enemy from making to behind your borders The storyline progresses through cutscenes shown in between each mission Depending on how you succeed in your mission you get tokens which you can use to upgrade the health damage or power of your character The player is capable of doing special moves which can be learned throughout the game Some of the special moves gain their powers through the spartan gods that aid the player in his battle During the game you can find different weapons like swords bows and spears and of course shields

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