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Game Title
Vegas Games 2000

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Are you too broke to go to Las Vegas Afraid you ll end up blowing your retirement funds and benefits If you answered yes to the above questions 3DO has the answer to your problems with Vegas Games 2000 a virtual casino featuring twenty one games of chance Included are Baccarat the Craps table Roulette three different styles of Blackjack five variations of poker five slot machines and five styles of Video Poker 3DO has obviously done their homework by spending time in Las Vegas noting all the different sights and sounds that accompany the casino life Vegas Games 2000 features realistically rendered tables games and casino locations as well as the ambient yammering of gamblers and plinking tokens Each game features actual Vegas rulings and regulations to further enhance the virtual casino experience For instance the longer you play a certain slot machine and pump more and more tokens in the higher it s jackpot becomes just like real slots

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