*USED* WILD GUNS RELOADED (#719593180012)

*USED* WILD GUNS RELOADED (#719593180012)

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Game Title
Wild Guns Reloaded

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E10+ - Everyone 10+

Two new modes are available in the Nintendo Switch version of Wild Guns Reloaded with each one designed to appeal to players of certain skill levels For those new to Wild Guns there is the Beginner Mode that gives people the chance to go through the game with unlimited lives Boss Rush Time Attack is for people who are comfortable with the game as it pits players against all the bosses one after another with the goal being to gun them down as quickly as possible Read more at http www siliconera com 2018 02 27 wild guns reloaded heading nintendo switch april 2018 LgqkVE4KAu4PxRVy 99

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