The Hyperkin RetroN family of systems are designed to play your classic video games on your modern TV. Including support for Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, & GameBoy Advance the RetroN systems support original controllers and cartridges, and output at 720p. 

  • MEGA RETRON HD (#813048019619)

    MEGA RETRON HD (#813048019619)

    Flip that hat backwards and pull up those baggy pants, dude. The 90s are back with the Hyperkin MegaRetroN HD, a premium retro console that plays Genesis (US)/Mega Drive (outside US) cartridges in brilliant 720p HD. It includes one (1) premium,...

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  • RETRON 1 HD (WHITE) (#810007712918)

    RETRON 1 HD (WHITE) (#810007712918)

    1985 IN HIGH DEFINITION 8-bit gaming never looked this good! The RetroN HD is compatible with NES® (NTSC AND PAL) cartridges in beautiful, crisp 720p. HIGH COMPATIBILITY WITH NTSC AND PAL CARTRIDGES Its amazingly high compatibility with titles...

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  • RETRON 2 HD (#810007710389)

    RETRON 2 HD (#810007710389)

    Have tons of old school fun on your HDTV with the RetroN 2 HD! This two-in-one console is compatible with NES®, Super NES®, and Super Famicom™ (NTSC/PAL) cartridges, in stunning 720p HD. It includes a 'Cadet' and a 'Scout' premium...

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  • RETRON 3 HD (BLACK) (#810007710921)

    RETRON 3 HD (BLACK) (#810007710921)

    The RetroN 3 HD is compatible with (NTSC/PAL) NES®, Super NES®/Super Famicom™ and Genesis®/Mega Drive cartridges and plays them in stunning 720p. • 3 ft. HD cable • 6 ft. Micro charge cable • A controller adapter...

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  • RETRON 77 HD (#813048019244)

    RETRON 77 HD (#813048019244)

    Leave your platform shoes at the door and spend the night in with the RetroN 77, the grooviest retro console from Hyperkin. It plays your favorite 2600 cartridges in beautiful, crisp 720p HD. It's one happenin; pixel party for the senses. Marvel at the...

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  • RETRON SQ HD (BLACK GOLD) (#810007711911)

    RETRON SQ HD (BLACK GOLD) (#810007711911)

    Compatible with game boy and game boy Color cartridges via open source software. Compatibility with game boy advance cartridges (beta function) Upscales to 720p 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratio Switch 1 x wired USB "Scout" Controller (10 ft. Cable) Included...

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  • SUPA RETRON HD (#813048019442)

    SUPA RETRON HD (#813048019442)

    Aw snap! The 90s are back with the raddest console to hit your crib. The SupaRetroN HD is 16 bits of high definition nostalgia, it is compatible with Super NES® (NTSC and PAL) and Super Famicom™ cartridges in crisp and vibrant 720p HD. It...

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