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10th May 2022
Remember when the world was crazy for vampires? Shortly after the initial zombie craze, amidst Tw
23rd Mar 2022
The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in the United States in 1985, and has sold almo
15th Nov 2021
Believe it or not, the original Xbox system is celebrating it's 20th anniversary today! Many people
23rd Jun 2021
We had another video game milestone today, Sonic The Hedgehog turned 30!On June 23rd 1991, Sonic’s v
23rd Jun 2021
The Nintendo 64 turns 25 years old today! Originally released in Japan on June 23rd 1996, it would s
8th Jan 2021
Every year all of us at Level Up try to come up with a list of games that were our favorites of the