A Great Way To Display Your Boxless Game Boy & GBA Games

A Great Way To Display Your Boxless Game Boy & GBA Games

Posted by Aaron on 20th Feb 2017

Finding a boxed copy of an original Game Boy or GBA game is becoming harder and harder. While the hardcore collectors out there will continue to persevere until they find that rare gem, the rest of us have a great way to display all of those boxless games.

All you need to do is get ahold of some original DS cases, the ones that have the GBA slot in them. If you are having trouble finding the cases, you can go online and buy them from Amazon or eBay. In order to display your original Game Boy games, once you have your cases in-hand get a sturdy hobby knife or box cutter and simply remove the bottom portion of the GBA slot. Next, buy some nice high-quality matte-coated printer paper. Head on over toThe Cover Projectand choose your title, just make sure to check that it says "Case Type: DS Case- US." Be aware that you might get some image quality fluctuations depending on what program you are using to print from. Simply cut out your new cover art, insert everything into the case and viola…you now have a great looking way to display all of your previously boxless games!

Since this whole endeavor does take a little bit of time and effort, for those of you that are worried about the results, the image at the top of page comes straight from a recent Reddit post by a user that did this very project.