Free Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

Free Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

Posted by Aaron on 12th Apr 2012

Not too long ago we talked about the new Kid Icarus game for the 3DS and its cool Augmented Reality card game. The game itself came packaged with a few of these cards to get you started in your AR battles.

There are over 20 AR cards to collect, but they are only available at official Nintendo-sponsored events or via the Club Nintendo website. However, here in Japan the cards are freely available for purchase or, even better, given away for free in magazines. Like in this week's Famitsu, for example.

Luckily for you, we've scanned the entire sheet of cards, so you too can enjoy AR goodness. All you have to do is click on the image below to embiggen, and then simply print and cut. Well, that is if the Japanese AR cards will work with a US copy of the game...we're not sure about that one. If they do, please let us know, and if not....well, we tried.