Gamestop Executive Pays Level Up Video Games a Visit!

Gamestop Executive Pays Level Up Video Games a Visit!

Posted by Aaron on 30th Aug 2010

On Thursday, August 19th, Level Up Video Games, an independent video game store, was honored with a visit from none other than the GameStop Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Development, along with one of his Regional Managers. Mind you, this has not been the first time we have had a visit from the GameStop GoonSquad, but this time they were talking to a sales associate, not the manager or owner. The owner and manager were not on duty at the time to answer their questions, so we humbly offer the following letter of apology.

To The GameStop GoonSquad,

We here at Level Up Video Games would like to offer our most sincere and deepest apologies. You see, when one of your Regional Managers came into our store a few days ago, along with the Head of Visual Merchandising and Store Development, we were woefully unprepared for the honor of that visit. Having no advance notice of such a glorious event, not only was our Owner, or even our Store Manager, not present, we had only a single employee on staff at that time to serve you. We had no decorations up, no cake, and sadly no balloons.

However, this did not deter your two employees from asking penetrating questions, taking notes on our store layout, infiltrating our backroom, and taking pictures of everything in sight. We were overjoyed that the absense of someone more suited to talking to them did not deter them from their mission, and we are hopeful that your employees learned something of worth from our store. Their forgetting to leave a business card, any contact information, or message for the owner must have been our own fault.

As heinous as our lack of hospitality and preparedness was, we are afraid we have one more thing to apologize for: there is one thing that your employees could not have learned from our store, and that is the atmosphere of our store, our spirit of customer service, and our true love of both video games and our customers. These are things that can never be copied.

We humbly request that next time we might be given advance notice, so that we may be more prepared for your future visits. Apparently the pony ride place says that the animals must be fed before giving rides, the cake shop requires at least four hours notice, and as much as we try, our record for blowing up balloons is only five a minute.

Puckishly Yours,

Level Up Video Games