Gotta Eat’em All - Pokemon Donuts Come To Japan

Gotta Eat’em All - Pokemon Donuts Come To Japan

Posted by Aaron on 25th Nov 2018

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme might be the kings of donuts in America, but over here in Japan the crown belongs to Mister Donut, affectionately called MisDo. Every month MisDo usually offers some kind of special promotional/seasonal donut, and this month that special donut is to commentate the release of Pokemon: Let’s Go. It’s a Pikachu donut!

Not only has MisDo gone all in with the Pokémon-themed donuts, they have also changed their packaging to reflect the current promotional campaign. And oh my god...I did not know that I needed fat, chubby, cute Pikachu, Eevee Balbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander in my life, but I do. I very much do. Apparently, these little guys have been eating all the donuts themselves!

If you ever happen to get the chance to come and visit Japan, you should definitely make the time to visit MisDo. Enjoy all of the ridiculously cute pictures!