Hands On With PlayStation VR Demo Kitchen At TGS

Hands On With PlayStation VR Demo Kitchen At TGS

Posted by Aaron on 29th Sep 2015


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The demo starts with you tied to chair in a typical looking horror movie kitchen (grunge, grim, blood and bodies), with a video camera aimed at you. You use the controller's motion control to knock over the camera in order to get the attention of another character sprawled out on the floor. Upon getting his attention, the man on the floor gets up, finds a very unclean and dull knife, and has you raise your hands (again using the controller's motion control) in order to cut your bindings. I have to admit seeing the knife coming directly toward my face while the bindings were being cut was definitely a little bit disconcerting. I kept wanting to turn my head away in order to avoid the knife.

No sooner than one of the two bindings is cut, a monstrous "Ring" looking women suddenly appears and stabs the man assisting you right through the heart. The knife coming uncomfortably close to your face in process, not to mention more than a little blood splatter. The VR immersion in this little sequence was exceptionally well done and was definitely horrifying to behold. The woman then picks up the knife the man was using to free you and stabs you right in leg. As your character screams and squirms, the woman drags the still living man down the hallway, just out of view.

For a few beats everything is quiet, when suddenly the man's decapitated head is rolled along the ground towards your feet, while the air is filled with the laughter of the monstrous looking woman. Now, all you can do is look around the room, as the woman makes taunting sounds. The sounds bounce around the room until they begin to come from behind you.

Slowly, the woman's fingers are creeping into view from your left and right side as she covers your eyes with her fingers. And then the suddenly her fingers are gone, and you are face to face with the monstrous women as killing blow comes directly at to you. Seeing this last and final attack coming at me, I couldn't help but make a yelping noise and jumping slightly, much to the bemusement of the booth attendants.

The VR on display in this tech demo was done quite well. Except for the knife to the leg, I honestly felt that the torturous things happing were actually being done to me. I can think of no better praise for a piece of VR tech than that.