Hands-o With "The Order 1886" At TGS

Hands-o With "The Order 1886" At TGS

Posted by Aaron on 25th Sep 2014

Well after an incredibly tiring TGS, loosing my bullet train ticket, and then catching the oh so fun after expo plague I'm finally ready to give you all the run down on Tokyo Game Show 2014.


For those of you who may not know about the game, The Order is set in an alternate version of late 1800s London where highly advanced steam-punk inspired technology exists along side the horse drawn carriage. You play as a member of The Order, a secret military force, that traces its roots back to the Knights Templar. The Order is tasked with fighting any and all supernatural threats that may arise.

Sadly, the demo I played had nothing to do with that awesome werewolf teaser trailer from E3, so no cool supernatural monsters for me...just your basic human thugs. What I played was a fairly straightforward look at the games basic mechanics, and while I couldn't get an answer from any of the Sony reps it very much feels like the starting tutorial mission for the final retail version. For anyone that has played an Uncharted or Gears game you will feel right at home with the third-person, cover and run shooting combat that is on display in The Order. Unfortunately it feels just a little too similar and makes the overall gameplay kinda meh. However, I have feeling the games seemingly strong world (always hard to tell from a demo) will overcome that. One bright point was that each of your guns does have an alternate fire mode very similar to the weapons in the Resistance series, which helps to mix up the combat some. Additionally, The Order supports its own version of "bullet time" in which time comes to a crawl and you auto-target enemies with a simple flick of the right stick. This bullet time ability, does make for some and effective dispensing of large amounts of enemies in one quick go.

All and all The Order seems like a game with a great setting and world but its fairly generic, "seen it before" gameplay hampers it incredibly. Here's to hoping Sony spices things up before it's released.