Hands-On With Okami & Zone Of The Enders HD Remasters At TGS

Hands-On With Okami & Zone Of The Enders HD Remasters At TGS

Posted by Aaron on 3rd Oct 2012

In case you didn't know, the PlayStation 2 games Okami and Zone of the Enders 1&2 are getting an HD face-lift on the PS3 this month, and I got a chance to enjoy them at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Both games look absolutely incredible to say the least, and I dare say that these are probably the best looking HD Remasters outside of the Ico/Shadow set.

The wonderful and gorgeous art-style of Okami shines through like NEVER before when you see it in glorious 1080P high definition. The game will also be supporting PS Move controls, which considering the unique game-play technique of the Japanese Ink Brush is a wonderful and welcome incorporation. Regardless of whether you have played Okami before or not, you definitely have not played the game like it looks now, so make sure you pick it up.

While Hideo Kojima is best known for the uber-series Metal Gear Solid, he is also the mastermind behind Zone of the Enders. The two games in the Z.O.E. series are an action-packed giant-robot thrill-ride, and they have never looked better. Konami definitely spared no expense with these HD remakes, as the two games look like they were made just this year.

The HD remake of Okami is going to be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network as a digital download, while the Zone of the Enders HD Collection will be released in retail on both the PS3 and 360, both on October 30th. At just $19.99 for Okami, you almost can't afford notto pick it up, and if you need the pot sweetened more for Zone of the Enders (beyond the upgraded graphics), it comes with a demo of Metal Gear Solid Revengence. Incidentally, that's another game we got our hands on at TGS this year, so look for our impressions of that demo soon. In the meantime, start saving your pennies for these awesome games!