Hands-On With The Heroic Legend of Arslan at TGS

Hands-On With The Heroic Legend of Arslan at TGS

Posted by Sherrie on 8th Oct 2014


The Heroic Legend of Arslan is the latest Dynasty Warriors game from developer Tecmo Koei, based on a popular anime, manga and novel series of the same name.

Originally supposed to launch in the middle of September in Japan, it was pushed back to October 1st, most likely to avoid spoiling the first season of the anime which finished a few days before. It looks nice, very close to the anime, which uses lots of CG to animate the hundreds of soldiers charging into battle; they might have even just used models from the TV show. The controls are tight, with a mix of weapons, light and heavy attacks, super attacks and specials to choose from. My favorite is the ability to summon a cavalry charge and destroy basically everything in your path under the hooves of thousands of horses, but I'm not sure if every character has access to that as the demo only allowed you to play as Prince Arslan and Daryun, both of which have horses at their command (which you can also get on and off of at your whim).

The game itself has every major character from the anime playable, each with their own unique play style, and covers the story of the first season of the anime. While I enjoyed playing it (which surprised me because I'm not a Dynasty Warriors fan at all), that was probably due to me being a huge fan of the series. While well-done, The Heroic Legend of Arslan is just another Dynasty Warriors game, so unless you're a fan of the anime/manga or the Dynasty Warriors formula, there is nothing here for you.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan will be released in the US under the name Arslan: The Warriors of Legend in Spring 2016.