Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

Posted by Aaron on 10th Dec 2020

Looking for a gift for the gamer in your life? Take a look at our holiday gift guide for some quick and easy gift ideas. Click on the picture to buy the item directly from our website.

Mario Kart Live (Switch): This fun and enjoyable Augmented Reality racing game comes with a real life ‘RC’ Kart Racer featuring either Mario or Luigi! Not only that, but you can build and customize your very own tracks in real life or AR.

Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS4/PS5, XB1/XBX, Switch): What do you get when you mix the open-world game know-how of Ubisoft with Greek Mythology, and a heavy dose of influence from Breath of the Wild? A really fun game, that’s what!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (PS4/PS5, XB1/XBX): The Call of Duty franchise has been everywhere from World War 2 to the future, it now sets its sight on the tumultuous time of the Cold War as you work alongside real-life historical figures in the battle between two ideologically different Super Powers.

Final Fantasy IX (Switch): This classic and beloved PS1-era Final Fantasy has been remastered in HD sporting some added benefits like no random encounters, infinite HP/MP, and 2x speed battles. This is a physical release imported from overseas, so you collectors out there better hurry!