In Japan Even McDonalds Has Their Own DS Game

In Japan Even McDonalds Has Their Own DS Game

Posted by Aaron on 12th Sep 2012


Video games are a really common and accepted thing here in Japan; they are played and enjoyed by the young and old alike. McDonalds of Japan even trains its new employees using a DS game that simulates all aspects of a McDonalds job, from taking orders to making burgers.

Until recently this "game" has only been available to employees of McDonalds Japan during their initial training, however that has now changed. In the past few months, McDonalds of Japan has been making a big push to expand their "Mac-DS" service (free wifi zones) and has now begun to offer free and exclusive games through this service (via in-store download). This month's free game is actually a small portion of the McDonalds training game.

The game plays very much like a Cooking Mama game and offers two different challenges. The first sees you work to make that famous "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" hamburger, and the second is a time-trial game in which you try to make as many cheeseburgers as quickly and as correctly as possible.

If you've ever thought that working at McDonalds would make a great game you better hop on a plane to Japan right now, as this game only available for another week or so.