Japanese Govenment Honors Creator of Kirby & Smash Bros

Japanese Govenment Honors Creator of Kirby & Smash Bros

Posted by Aaron on 25th Sep 2015


Every year at Tokyo Game Show the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry gives out an award to a person or group that have "contributed to the development of the Japanese home video game industry." This year's METI award was given to Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros. According to the Japan Game Award:

Mr. Masahiro Sakurai has been producing many hit video games including those for Family Computer[Nintendo Systems]. His games attract many players and sell very well [around] the world, as well as in Japan.

In his masterwork "Super Smash Bros." series, he adopted an approach to feature various popular characters from Nintendo and other franchises and [conveyed aspects] of many games in one game.

This award is given to him because he has contributed to the development of the video game industry through his wide-range activities to convey the appeal of games regardless of manufacturers, producing concerts of game music and engaging in writing activities as a free creator.