Our Favorite Co-op Games

Our Favorite Co-op Games

Posted by Aaron on 13th Sep 2013

Gaming has had a long tradition of bringing friends and family together for great match-ups and team-ups. It’s always great to see customers coming in together to find the games they will be playing with each other next. One question I hear all the time is what games they should be picking up for this. To help out a little, the Level Up family has put our heads together to come up with a list of our favorite co-op games, and we now pass it on to you for your multi-player enjoyment:

  • Portal 2 (360/PS3)
  • Dragon's Crown (PS3/Vita)
  • New Super Mario Bros (Wii U)
  • Baldur's Gate Series (PS2)
  • Gauntlet Legends (PS1, N64, Dreamcast)

If you're looking for an even more retro experience (and a challenge in tracking them down):

  • Final Fight (SNES)
  • Streets of Rage (GEN)
  • Golden Axe (GEN)
  • Altered Beast (GEN)
  • Aliens vs Predator (ARC)
  • Captain America and The Avengers (ARC)
  • Cadash (TG16)

Of course, there are tons of other great co-op games not on this list, but these are the ones that not only popped into our head first, but that we at the Level Up family think you just can’t miss.