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Scary Games To Play For Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner we figured it would be a good time to talk about something scary, scary games that is. Some of the games on the list are fairly obvious and well known, but we have also included some lesser known ones as well. And the best thing is, is that you can even pick up some of these games on our website, just click the pictures to see what we have in-stock!


Resident Evil: The grand daddy of them all, the original survival horror game, Resident Evil. The RE series has been around for 25 years now and has two dozen titles to it’s name. Wether you want zombies or monsters, fast paced or slow boiling suspense the RE series has something scary for everyone.


Silent Hill: While Konami’s answer to the Resident Evil series definitely has it’s fair share of monsters, its horror also came from the psycological. Silent Hill 2 is arguably the best entry in the series and is also probably the greatest horror game of all time. While the quality of the games after 4 can be questioned, they do always deliver on the scary.


Alien Isolation: The most heart pounding game to be released this console generation is definitely Alien Isolation. Nothing beats the feeling of your heart thumping in your chest as you are hiding in a locker when a Xenomorph is breathing and snorting just outside the locker door. Does it see me? Am I safe? Oh god, am I going to die?


“Souls” Games: From Demon Souls, to Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, the “Souls” games can always be counted on to scare the hell out of you. Not so much for the horror of what you are seeing on screen, but more so for the games completely unforgiving nature and utter contempt for player coddling. Nothing is scarier than carrying around tens of thousands of souls knowing full well that they could vanish for good at any moment, if you die.


Luigi’s Mansion: And now for some good old fashioned spooky fun. A loving homage to Ghostbusters with that classic Nintendo touch, starring everyone’s second-favorite plumber. The Luigi’s Mansion games can always be counted on for some nice, clean, fun.


Condemned: A first-person melee-combat game inspired by Silence Of The Lambs & Se7en, the two Condemned games are a perfect scary treat for Halloween. Tasked with investigating a series of bizarre and grizzly murders, you must fight off monsters of both the real world and your pysche. The series has  some “huh” story moments, but it definitely delivers on the scary.


Until Dawn: The absolutely perfect “scary movie” game ever made. Teenagers in a cabin in the woods? Check. Mysterious killer on the loose? Check. Something supernatural behind it all? Check. What more can you ask for in this choose your own adventure style horror game.


Dead Space: A sci-if survival horror game, the Dead Space franchise can always be counted on for some good scares. In fact, the “jump” scares in this game absolutely can not be beat, hands down. The ending to Dead Space 1 is probably one of the best horror endings of all time, film or game.


Eternal Darkness: A dark story spanning thousands of years that terrorizes multiple generations of characters, Eternal Darkness is definitely a must play horror game. The most unnerving part of the game is definitely the management of your characters insanity meter, can you overcome the horrors present or will you succumb to madness eternal?


Clock Tower: While Clock Tower has the distinction of being the precursor to the Resident Series, it’s gameplay makes a true comparison difficult at best. Instead of confronting your enemies head-on with a large arsenal at your disposal, you use the point-and-click style of gameplay to run and hid in the environments until the coast is clear. Sadly the series has been dormant since 2002, but it is definitely worth your time if you are looking for something scary to play this Halloween.


Fatal Frame: This Fatal Frame series has a cult-like following with fans around the world. Drawing on staples of Japanese horror for its design, players must investigate supernatural events using the Camera Obscura to capture and pacify spirit beings. The games are also renowned for featuring an entirely female protagonist cast throughout.

We’d also like to give special attention to some wonderfully great but difficult to find horror games and as such have a HIGH price tag. Haunting Ground (PS2), Kuon (PS2), Rule of Rose (PS2), and P.T. (PS4) all deserve your time, that is, if you can track a copy down and are willing to pay the price!

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