The Games of February

The Games of February

Posted by Aaron on 26th Jan 2020

Week of 2/2

Zombie Army 4 - Dead War (PS4/XB1): Survive against the dead in Zombie Army 4. The epic campaign challenges you and up to three friends to battle hordes of evil zombies in high-octane FPS gameplay. Zombie Army 4 features an arsenal of epic weapons and lets you customize your character with a variety of skills, outfits and emotes. Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels. Uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy. Fight the forces of darkness in corpse-riddled canals, survive a Zombie Zoo, and journey to dark, inexplicable places no person has been before. Watch in slow motion as bullets, bombs and more destroy bones and organs in X-ray. Build the slayer that suits you as you rank up. Harness the power of fire, lightning, and divine essence to upgrade your guns at workbenches, and create homespun hell raisers. Take on legions of ghoulish grabbers, hulking armored elites, terrifying shadow demons, explosive suicide generals, and a host of other surprises. Face the darkness in single-player mode, or team up with friends (up to four players).

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 (PS4/XB1): Create the perfect league in Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019. The College Football Dynasty mode lets you wear your favorite colors and customize every aspect of both team and player. Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 has a physics-based tackling system, updated animations and player models that provide a realistic and satisfying football experience. Customize every team, player, uniform, and logo to create your own college football universe. Earn your way into the Bowl or Playoff game. Play as famous quarterback Doug Flutie in the Play Now or Season mode. Enjoy new gameplay experience with the brand-new animations, player models, and physics-based tackling system. Perfect your plays in the Spring League branded Practice mode.

Monster Energy Supercross 3 (PS4/XB1/Switch): Join an official AMA Championship team in Monster Energy Supercross 3. The career mode lets you team up with your favorite rider, while the race director feature enables the creation and management of online tournaments. Race with friends in California’s test area on co-op mode and design custom circuits in the track editor of Monster Energy Supercross 3 to create new challenges. Take part in the official 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season with 100 official riders from both 450SX and 250SX from 2019 roster, 2019 official teams, and 15 official stadiums and tracks. Features dedicated servers with new multiplayer modes, including Race Director mode. Enjoy the co-op experience with your friends in a new amazing compound where you can train, race, or roam free. Create an infinite number of tracks using a powered-up track editor, and share with the community. Offers new physics, riders' models, and animations, including Female Riders models for a complete Supercross experience. For one player or multiplayer support for up to 12 players over LAN or Internet.

Life Is Strange 2 (PS4/XB1): Run away from home to avoid the police in Life is Strange 2. To help Sean take care of his brother Daniel, you must make tough decisions as each challenge unfolds on your journey to Mexico. Do all it takes to conceal a mysterious supernatural power for an immersive Life is Strange 2 experience. Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident. In fear of the police, Sean and Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal a sudden and mysterious supernatural power. The road to Mexico is long and filled with danger, and now Sean is totally responsible for his much younger brother. Daniel is always learning from Sean, so be prepared for the consequences of learning. Enjoy beautiful visuals and hand-painted textures. Listen to emotive original soundtrack and licensed tracks from Phoenix, The Streets, Sufjan Stevens, Bloc Party, First Aid Kit and more.

Granblue Fantasy - Versus (PS4): Fight your friends in Granblue Fantasy: Versus for PlayStation 4. The intuitive controls and deceptively simple mechanics are easy to pick up but hard to master, which is ideal for both new players and veterans. Granblue Fantasy: Versus features a large roster of fighters with unique strengths and weaknesses to suit almost any play style. The game features a rich and accessible battle system suitable for beginners and veterans alike. A balanced and varied cast of crew members will suit almost anyone's tastes. A gorgeous 2.5D-style world recreates the well-known locales of the Granblue Fantasy universe. Captivating visuals, designed by a Hideo Minaba and Stelle Magna's stirring soundtrack, bring the world of Granblue Fantasy to life. Experience the game in RPG mode with an original Granblue Fantasy: Versus storyline replete with beautiful cutscenes and boss battles.

Code Realize - Guardian of Rebirth (Switch): Get entangled in mystery and romance in Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for Nintendo Switch. Cardia's poisonous skin becomes both a hindrance and unexpected means to find love, involving five suitors and resulting in different outcomes based on your decisions. Encounter reimagined versions of historical and literary characters in 19th-century London for a fascinating steampunk storyline in Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~. Play to feel your own romantic fairy tale. Five persons to capture your heart and sweep you off your feet. Well-known European literary figures, such as Arsene Lupin, Abraham Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein, Impey Barbicane, and Count Saint-Germain to play. Immersive steampunk-esque settings and characters. Gameplay filled with 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery, Gothic-Victorian costume designs, and many gears.

Week of 2/9

Monster Jam Steel Titans (Switch): Gear yourself up for some racing action in Monster Jam Steel Titans for Nintendo Switch. With provision made for up to two players, the game lets you play alone or with a friend in a variety of exciting game modes. Perform stunts with your preferred truck as you race in a stadium or the outdoor for a massive Monster Jam Steel Titans experience. Operate the monster, and compete with 25 of the most popular trucks, including Grave Digger and Max-D. Try the total demolition, including breaking the body panels, deforming the old cars, destroying the surroundings. Execute your favorite stunts - Bicycles, Stoppies, Moonwalks, Walk Its, Cyclones, Pogos, Power Outs, and Back-Flips. Listen to the howl of huge crowds inside 12 stadiums packed with fans on your road to Monster Jam World Finals. Research, and smash through the environment in Massive Outdoor World. Study just like your favorite Monster Jam pro driver at Monster Jam University.

AO Tennis 2 (PS4/XB1/Switch): Hit the court in AO Tennis 2. The in-depth career mode lets you battle your way into the history books, and the scenario editor lets you create your own challenges. AO Tennis 2 has an intuitive editing suite that makes creating your own characters and courts easy. Get the intense experience of the Australian Open tennis tournament, the first of four Grand Slam tournaments of the year. Create a player just like you and your own courts using the comprehensive Academy editing suite, or download numerous community creations. See how you compare to the big names on the ATP and WTA circuits, including Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Angelique Kerber and more. Manage your reputation, sponsors, and performance to reach the top in a singles career or in doubles with your friend.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection (PS4): Get up to speed with the Kazuma Kiryu's saga in The Yakuza Remastered Collection for PlayStation 4. Featuring restored content and updated graphics, this beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 provide an immersive gaming experience. Enjoy the thrill of completing the dragon of Dojima's journey in The Yakuza Remastered Collection. The Day One edition includes a two-disc digipack, Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza 5 on two discs, collectible Yakuza 5 PlayStation 3 Amaray case. Collectors can fill the gap in their library with the genuine Yakuza 5 PlayStation 3 Amaray case. Complete the journey of the dragon with the final chapters in Kiryu's story. Experience the full story of the dragon of Dojima. All three games in the collection have new improved graphics with 1080p at 60 fps. Missing content from the original Western releases has been re-added to the remastered versions.

The Unicorn Princess (PS4/XB1/Switch): Save a magical world in The Unicorn Princess. The 15 story missions let you befriend a magical unicorn and take you on a fantastical journey through two expansive worlds. The Unicorn Princess includes six beautiful horses to ride and offers a variety of options for customizing your character and loyal steed. Experience both real life as a horse rider and the dream world as a princess. Live in your town and ranch during the day, and become a part of the fantasy world of your dreams at night. Customize your character and horses using various outfits and accessories. Choose one of six available horses, and explore open-world environment in a new way.

Warrios Orochi 4 Ultimate (PS4/XB1/Switch): Summon the gods' powers for battle in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. More than 170 playable characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors let you customize a powerful team of fighters, while magical Sacred Treasures and combo moves enable devastating attacks during combat. The Infinity mode of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate provides multilayered maps for challenging gameplay.Starting with Gaia, new heroes gather from multiple universes to join the fight. A new story and ending pursuing the truth of the world. New features such as the Infinity mode and Promotion system. Sacred Treasures can now be used by other characters, allowing players to create unique and powerful teams, and with the new Musou Switch Combo feature the game will reach ultimate heights in exhilaration. Part of the UI and control settings have been improved along with the additional features to make gameplay easier.

Dreams (PS4): Learn how to design your own games, animate, make music and more with easy-to-follow tutorial videos. And then share your ideas in an online social network of creativity. The only limit is your imagination. Get inspired with a host of mini games. Collaborate with others online to create your own content. From the makers of Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet.

Street Fighter V - Champion Edition (PS4): Immerse yourself in intense ring battles in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition for PlayStation 4. Single-player and multiplayer modes let you experience brutal combats across the stunning environments of 34 dynamic stages. With over 200 stylish costumes and 40 fighters to choose from, this Street Fighter V: Champion Edition allows you to fight the way you want. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all content from both Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Contains each character, stage, and other content that was released after Arcade Edition and launch content coming to this new version, so you can play for 40 characters with over 200 costumes on 34 stages. Fight in a variety of exciting modes designed for players of all skill levels, including Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Battle, Ranked Match, Casual Match and more. New gameplay improvements and more depth to combat system owing to V-Skills for each character and balance update. Get certain additional content using Fight Money, which can be earned through normal gameplay. For one player or multiplayer support for up to two players over the Internet.

Week of 2/16

DCL The Game (PS4/XB1): Fly to the finish in DCL: The Game. The four flight modes and three game modes offer hours of challenging fun, and the lifelike physics provide a realistic drone racing experience. DCL: The Game lets you conquer the international stage with 27 unique tracks in a variety of countries. Features closely modeled drone flight behavior, so you can compete in DCL Draft Selection in-game to be drafted to real-life racing teams. Choose from four distinct flight modes according to your skills, and play in free flight, time attack, and online multiplayer. Beginners can start in the Arcade mode with the automated altitude control and simplified controls. In the GPS mode, the stabilization and altitude control are similar to your standard camera drone. The Angle mode gives you experience as on most amateur racing drones. This game's Acro mode gives the pilot more power, this is how real drone racing and freestyle pilots control their drones. There are 27 different tracks, ranging from Torino (Italy), Simatai (China), Laax (Switzerland) to many other real racing locations and several fantasy tracks to choose. Three physical presets for your drone, lightweight, DC19-Standard, and heavyweight, let you experience a very different flight behavior. For one player or multiplayer support for up to 30 players over LAN or Internet.

Hunt - Showdown (PS4/XB1): Pursue evil monsters for bounty and glory in Hunt: Showdown. A selection of weapons includes vintage guns, homemade explosives, a crossbow and a knife, letting you target powerful creatures a late 19th-century Wild West setting. Play with a partner to survive perilous environments and against rival hunters in Hunt: Showdown. tand your ground against great players and 20-40 minutes of playtime per session in match-based PvP and PvE. Open, highly replayable maps - Use tools, tactics, and a feature-rich environment to turn the odds in your favor. Choose your own playing style, and solve the problems which you encounter on your way. High-tension survival gameplay - Fight over bounty against other hunter teams in a world full of challenging AI. Gamble with your life, earn rewards and upgrades not to lose your character forever. Immerse yourself in a rich, believable world with dark undertones and dangers at every corner. For one player or multiplayer support for up to 10 players over LAN or Internet.

Bayonetta and Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle (PS4/XB1): Become the ultimate warrior with this Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle. Vanquish tests your aim with hours of intense shooting gameplay, and Bayonetta lets you show off your moves in stylish fights against horrific foes. This Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle makes the fan-favorite adventures look and play smoothly with support for 4K resolution at 60FPS. ark the 10th anniversary of Bayonetta and Vanquish with a special Launch Edition that includes the games disk and a steelbook featuring custom 10th anniversary art. Attempt the beginning of the Bayonetta series with the cult classic, original action-adventure game. The Umbra Witch rises from the depths after half a millennium in slumber without reminiscence of her past. Immediately thrust into battle, she must vanquish her countless enemies to piece together the truth. Take advantage of Bayonetta's arsenal of skills that includes shape-shifting into various animal forms, summoning demons, and exercising her mastery of the bullet arts. Hack, slash, and open fire upon hordes of celestial foes in this action-packed adventure. In the Vanquish game, an overpeopled Earth suffocating under limited resources looks to Providence, the solar-powered space colony for help. When Providence is all of a sudden taken over by a rebellious group and its technology used to ravage cities, it's up to a specially trained unit of space marines to reclaim the colony. Equipped with BLADE, the experimental arms system that can scan, copy, and save up to three existing weapons, space DARPA agent Sam Gideon have to infiltrate Providence, beat legions of future-tech foes, and disable the energy transmitter threatening life on Earth.

Code - Realize Future Blessings (Switch): Build deeper relationships with Code: Realize Future Blessings for Nintendo Switch. The multiple characters let you form new connections or proceed with your previous suitor, while the various stories deliver a range of exciting experiences. Code: Realize Future Blessings for Nintendo Switch features characters from previous versions, including Cardia and the newcomer Finis, to assist you through trials and tribulations. Further your romantic relationships with the charming literary figures of the first game. Strengthen communication with your previous gentleman, or explore new relationships with gentlemen whom you did not accept for the first time. Play new scenarios of what is happening, as well as look in more detail at the events that occurred in the early adventures of Cardia. In addition to favorites from the previous game, players will get to meet newcomers Herlock Sholmes and Finis in all-new scenarios.

Under Night InBirth Exe - Late (PS4/Switch): Destroy opponents on the battlefield with Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[cl-r]. The added characters include Londrekia with an icy set of moves, while the character customization in numerous color schemes lets you outfit fighters according to your preference. Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[cl-r] features an expanded gallery mode for thrilling visual and vocal effects, including multiple voices. Meet a brand-new character - icy fighter Londrekia and his frosty new set of moves. Up to 1,000 improvements for new moves and balance adjustments to every character. Customize your fighters to suit your every mood with five new color schemes for each character. Gallery mode includes new content, such as concept art and arcade cabinet versions of various voices in the game.

Week of 2/23

Real Heroes - Firefighters (PS4): Fight infernos to save lives in Real Heroes Firefighter for PlayStation 4. The lifelike fire technology lets you experience the soot-stained lifestyle of a hero, while the nine levels and different game modes offer different ways of playing. Real Heroes Firefighter includes multiple realistic tools such as axes, mechanical separators and deck guns to battle raging flames. Experience the raging infernos and explosive environments with the realistic AI-based fire behavior. Battle the fires and other hazards in the Career mode with over nine levels and many locations. Rescue the survivors, and control the fires with many realistic tools such as axes and hydraulic spreaders. The game features a phenomenal voice cast, including James Marsters (Buffy), Jack McGee (Rescue Me), Michael Jace (The Shield), Jamie Kennedy (Ghost Whisperer), and Jenette Goldstein (Aliens).

Two Point Hospital (PS4/XB1/Switch): Provide quality healthcare services to a teeming public in Two Point Hospital. The decorative and functional items around the beautiful masterpieces you create help to get more patients through the door for increased cash flow. Manage troublesome staff in 21 hospitals and treat up to 119 unusual illnesses for a challenging Two Point Hospital experience. Includes 2 great expansions, 21 hospitals, and 119 very unusual illnesses. Funny and surprising diseases from Light-headedness to Cubism. Expand your hospital to multiple buildings to get more patients. Improve your hospital design to increase cash flow. Diagnose illnesses, build the right rooms to handle them, hire the right staff. Research improved cures and machines to add to the prestige of your hospital. Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to make your patients happier.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (PS4/XB1/Switch): Jump, shoot and defeat evil robots in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. The six included games provide hours of classic platforming and shooting action that test your reflexes as you fight to save the world. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection features updated visuals and a host of new features that bring the classic titles into the modern age. Classic platforming with a twist - The Zero series builds upon the Mega Man X series with upgradeable weapon skills, unique EX abilities, and Cyber Elves, offering a range of enhancements. Go even further in the ZX series with the games' open maps. All-new competitive rush mode - Z Chaser mode allows players to race to complete challenges from both Zero and ZX games. Casual scenario mode and save-assist - New players can jump right into series' futuristic universe with casual scenario mode. Bounce back from mistakes with the optional save-assist system to revive at the most recent checkpoint without losing a life. Improved visuals and layout options - Experience the games using original sprite art, or toggle filters on for a clean look to the charming, classic sprites. Choose from various layout options for the ZX series' dual-screen display and controls. In-game gallery and music player - Take a look back at the history of the Zero and ZX series with each collection's massive repository of original production art, including a music player filled with both original tunes and special arrangements.

Rune Factory 4 Special (Switch): Fulfill your role as a prince or princess in Rune Factory 4 Special for Nintendo Switch. This RPG challenges you to issue progressive ordinances, farm and battle dangerous foes to help the town prosper. New remastered game graphics combine farming and family life with monster battling and taming. Enjoy new in-game cutscenes and an updated opening movie. New epic story that's accessible to new players and series veterans alike. Explore an expansive fantasy world. The diverse amount of activities, such as governing as the local ruler, tilling the fields, interacting with townsfolk, or heading to a dungeon to take on dangerous foes, makes every day filled with adventure. Many customization options for weapons and magic to personalize your battle tactics for each formidable monster in trap-laden dungeons. Experience special episodes with your spouse in the new Newlywed mode.

Samurai Shodown (Switch): Experience immersive weapon-based combat and engage your opponents in a thrilling dance of death in Samurai Shodown for Nintendo Switch. A wide roster of fierce fighters gives you plenty of combos and special moves to learn. Samurai Shodown is playable with a single Joycon controller, letting you easily set up tense multiplayer bouts. Fight as Samurai warriors in 1700's Japan. Thrilling new characters, such as Rimururu, Kubikiri Basara, Kazuki Kazama, Wan Fu, and Hisame Shizumaru. New, cinematic art style and updated fight mechanics. Take on the top players in the world through a revolutionary AI system. One player or multiplayer support for up to 10 players.

One Punch Man - A Hero Nobody Knows (PS4/XB1): Thrive in a universe filled with daily threats in ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS. From a roster of characters, you can choose your hero and fight as a team with friends in three-versus-three battles. Take out opponents with a single punch when playing as Saitama in ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS. The game was created for true fans of the epic anime saga. Explore the universe of battle where heroes are the only hope against the daily threats. Form a team of your favorite characters or villains, and win, developing your techniques. Play as Saitama, the main protagonist, who is a hero that can obliterate even the strongest foes with a single punch. You can also play as first confirmed playable characters, such as Genos, Fubuki, Mumen Rider, and Sonic.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (PS4): Seize enemy lands to expand your Chinese empire in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV for PlayStation 4. The ruler play system lets you choose from over 1,000 historic characters to appoint administration officers and implement strategic policies for battle. Deploy troops wisely in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV to successfully conquer more regions and prefectures. Become the ruler of a kingdom, aim to unify the land with your doctrine and officers' policies, formulate strategies to handle the ever-changing battle conditions. From famous officers, heroes, and strategists to the alluringly beautiful female cast, over 1,000 historical characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms are featured. Battle for land on a single beautifully rendered map depicting all of China, and deploy your battle lines at will. Evolved artificial intelligence system is also being implemented to challenge players across repeated playthroughs.