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A chess board is lined with trolls wizards knights and other magical beings Just another strategy game Don t count on it When you challenge a square held by the enemy the board explodes into a battlefield Your strategic skills on the game board will determine your fate in battle as you take on your opponent in a heartpounding duel to the death With sixteen different characters and an ever changing board you ll never play the same game twice If the Goblin catches air with his club the swift sword of the Knight may steal a leg or two The Sorceress has no fear of the massive boulder heaving Golem One of her powerful spells could quickly send him into the next time zone Explosive battles Fire an arrow cast a lightning bolt or scorch your opponent with a fire ball Seven magic spells Imprison the enemy heal your creature s wounds reverse the flow of time and more Summon the Elementals Air Water Fire and Earth are all at your command One or two player action Challenge the computer or test your skills against a friend

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