*USED* BROTHERS IN ARMS D-DAY [M] (#008888332619)

*USED* BROTHERS IN ARMS D-DAY [M] (#008888332619)

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Game Title
Brothers in Arms: D-Day

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

Experience the intensity of WWII through the stories of Sergeants Baker and Hartsock and your squad of paratroopers during the Normandy invasion Brothers In Arms D Day brings players the best of the Brothers In Arms franchise in a handheld gaming system Players experience D Day as a Screaming Eagle with more tactics and action exclusive to the PSP system Now players can surprise the enemy for the ultimate advantage in firefights leading a fire team throughout the entire Normandy campaign For the first time players will also be able to lead a bazooka team order their squad on an MG42 or fire mortar rounds An enhanced co op mode Skirmish offers players a 12 mission campaign Co op multiplayer Skirmish mode Play with a friend over ad hoc wireless through 12 different Skirmish missions in four different game modes through the co op campaign

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